About the Appeals Section



Users who have been banned or kicked and think it was wrong doing please report it here for staff members to over look. Please use the provided template when making an appeal and make sure to answer everything as fully as you can, the more effort you put into your unban, unkick or unmute then we will have a better chance in dealing with this incident.

For Staff:
Make sure the cases you’re dealing with have sufficient evidence and that you’re 110% that the person was innocent on the occasion, then also make sure to report it in the staff section. If you do not report it the user maybe banned again, and you could get yourself a staff warning point for not following guidelines.


Name of Appealer:

IGN of Appealer:


Name of staff member who took action:

Reason to being banned/kicked/muted?
I was referring to a friend when I was calling them a vulgar word which I have proof of and proof they’re my friend.

Date of ban/kick/mute (DD/MM/YYYY)?

Length of ban/kick/mute remaining?
21 days