Bans/Kicks Information


For Users:

Here we will be keeping track of who we have banned and kicked and for what reasons. Users get up to 3 kicks before a ban unless told otherwise for certain cases. (Staff members will be given a list to look at and use.)

For Staff:

  • All staff members must make sure to put their bans and kicks here to log them.
  • Make sure to use the template provided.
  • If a staff member fails to do this then their ban and kick right will be revoked. (If they fail 3 or more times)

Example click me!

Banner/Kicker Name:

Banned or Kicked:

Kicked Length:
7 Days.

Name of Person Banned:

Was reach cheating.

Evidence (If any):
Video Evidence

Time and date of ban/kick:
31st July 2019 02:02am BST

Offender times if kicked:
(2/3) - Everyone gets three kicks then a ban!