Changelog 0.0.004


A slightly bigger update this time round, we added some things and removed some stuff etc. The bigger focus this update was to get the voting system ready for release meaning players can now get access to rewards when voting which means it’s more rewarding now as one would say.

In despite for the new rewarding votes we also have a backup protection plugin, just in case we ever need to use it, it’s there more of a fail safe kind of thing really.

With this update I’ll also be adding the server to other server list sites!

Anyhow here is the changelog please read through and enjoy!

[+] - Added a way for players to get rewards via voting! Use /vote rewards to see the rewards you can get! These will change in the future.
[+] - Added a second protection plugin just in case.

[-] - Removed some default flags for the protection plugin as they weren’t needed.

[!] - Fixed a bunch of language files that were causing the chat and other parts of the server look off compared to the rest of the theme.

[?] - Changed the default flags of the protection stones!
[?] - Changed the size of the protection stones from 21 to 19!