Changelog 0.0.010


This update adds a lot of fixes and changes to some really silly things I overlooked and forgot to add in. I’ve been at this all night so can you blame me? ^^’ Either way some major changes and fixes were made during these few hours of me panicking over nothing but hopefully this allows for some better gameplay that actually allows you to play in other dimensions now. :sweat:

In the next changelog there will be some new additions as well as the normal changes to the language files etc. I will also look into something for telling people the custom recipes and some new announcements that will help along the way.

Anyhow enjoy this chnagelog list it will hopefully be better than my last since this actually fixes things!

[+] - Added some more information when you hover over peoples names in chat and prefixes! More to come!

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[-] - N/A

[!] - Fixed a permission issue that wouldn’t let users use the Udedin portal back to spawn.
[!] - Fixed another Major issue with world teleporting. Not allowing players into the nether or end!

[?] - Changed more language files to suit the theme of the server.
[?] - Changed the old hover messages when you hover over a persons prefix and name in chat.
[?] - Changed the default (Peasant) groups prefix to look like this instead of this.