Changelog 0.0.050


This update is basically all behind the scenes but took me a little time to actually get in place and change everything however. There are a new addition that will hopefully give you something to play towards and just have some fun with the new update being 1.14.4. I think it’s now time to give those additions etc.

[+] - Added 500+ advancements.

[-] - Removed the default kit you start with, I’ll be using something else for this.
[-] - Removed some worlds that weren’t supposed to be in the server.
[-] - Removed advancements being spammed in chat.

[!] - Fixed a big exploit with the /statz list command allowing users to take items out of the GUI.
[!] - Fixed some of the permissions for the Peasant/Default rank.
[!] - Fixed some of the permissions for the traveler rank.
[!] - Fixed some worlds being the wrong dimension.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed the default radius of the /showslot command to be 50 instead of 16.