Changelog 0.0.090


Another fairly small update but I think these will be somewhat nice to add to the game since they’re small but neat. Now your tools can see what they have killed and or broken, this could be useful for auctions later on in the future depending on the stats it has it could go for a higher price etc.

Other than that there is only one other addition being the death chest, these are not for the Peasant players, you will get access to death chests via Traveler, but you on’y have 10 minutes before your items spill out of the chest. I’ll add these to the ranks.

[+] - Added tool stats, things killed and blocks broken.
[+] - Added a death chest system.

[-] - Removed the afkzone, you’ll no longer be teleported back to the hub.

[!] - N/A

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed updated our protection plugin to the latest edition which adds a bunch of new fun toys for me to mess around with.