Changelog 0.0.100


Okay so the past few days have been stressful with the new additions to the server the big one being the spawn… I’m currently happy with the build of spawn but I still need to implement the small things like holograms and banners so they will be added in the future along with the shops and the crates. They will all come within due time.

Other than that the lag has hopefully be squashed and the the cause of it was our death chests, not entirely sure why but I have already contacted the author about the issue and just waiting on a fix so hopefully that one comes soon.

Here’s the actual changelog:

[+] - Added a new rank, Bandit is now in the server!
[+] - Added a whole new spawn! Wondrous things in here~ Sorry I’ll stop.

[-] - Removed death chests it was the cause of lag on the server.

[!] - Fixed Ineortia join and leave messages being default.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed from Spigot to paper Spigot for better performance.