Changelog 0.0.120


This update is mainly bug fixes and some updates along with some testing of a new plugin we’re currently going to be having installed hopefully this week. It’s a custom plugin that I’m am very happy I got made, just currently ironing out the bugs and making sure that everything works correctly before pushing that one out.

[+] - Added added a duel weild ability for swordsmen and up.
[+] - Added some back end stuff to get ready for the new rank and world. ;D

[-] - Removed the elder guardian boss it was causing too much lag with chunk updates.

[!] - Fixed a few things with the combatlog plugin.
[!] - Fixed the bugs with out world edit being an issue.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed a few plugins version to be the latest versions.
[?] - Changed the spigot version to be the latest version.