Changelog 0.0.150


Oh boy okay so I’ve been a little busy bee today, there’s a whole lot coming in this update being a new rank, worlds and honestly a small feature etc. Honestly I didn’t think I could get this all out in one day but hey it’s not too bad the next update is going to be a smaller one with some smaller additions, just some clean up work really.

But in this update please enjoy working towards the new rank ROGUE and the new world HOZIADRAN! It’s been a long time coming, sorry for it taking so long to come out. I’ll update the forums on the stuff I’ve added etc when I have the time. For now just enjoy.

[+] - Added a way to keep track of your pets (Kind of). :slight_smile: (May change in the future)
[+] - Added the next world into the ranks. It is now up and ready for use!
[+] - Added some new warps.
[+] - Added a new hologram for the vote crate.
[+] - Added a new rank “Rogue” has finally been added!
[+] - Added some new protection stones for the new worlds!

[-] - N/A

[!] - Fixed Udedin’s spawn is now unescape-able.
[!] - Fixed some permissions not working for users.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Updated spigot yet again. ;D
[?] - Updated even more plugins to make sure they’re up to date. :slight_smile:
[?] - Reverted/Downgraded a plugin due to some big issues and being told to downgrade.
[?] - Changed the max amount of homes for a bandit to be 3 and the max amount of homes for a rogue to be 4.
[?] - Changed the max amount of 39x39 Protection stones from 10 to 25, a whole 15 more protection stones!!! (Only work in Mubis and Udedin)