Changelog 0.0.170


This update is a bunch of smaller additions honestly, but these were well needed, for example the rules getting pushed out last night along with some nicer things in the server like being able to ignore people etc.

I’m hoping the next update is a lot more interesting since typing away on the forums and in config files is getting old, I have an idea for the next update we just have to see if I can get it all sorted out or not in time for when I want to release it.

Anyhow please enjoy this addition full update! :smiley:

[+] - Added a new way for players to send messages and replies. (Plus made them prettier)
[+] - Added a way to ignore certain players in chat.
[+] - Added a way to stop private messages from certain players.
[+] - Added some new tips.
[+] - Added a nice little toast when you get sent a private message. (Shows in the top right.)
[+] - Added a sound effect when you get a private message.
[+] - Added a new category in the help command.
[+] - Added added some new perms for rogues.

[-] - N/A

[!] - Fixed a permission problem with a warp.
[!] - Fixed some permissions with the new rank.

[?] - N/A

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