Changelog 0.0.180


Sticking with the updating and performance updates but this one was a little more work due to some stuff I didn’t understand but now do, however this one will have deleted your enderchest items if you did not remove them from your enderchest as I now have implemented a new system for this. There were plenty of warnings.

Other than that I did add a few little things like the death co-ords along with the enderchest being changed etc. :slight_smile: I also did a lot of behind the scenes polishing, for instance there is a lot of new information you can now read under a players name etc.

But this was mainly updates to make sure everything was running as it should and kept updated.

[+] - Added a whole new tab plugin which allows me to do more! :slight_smile:
[+] - Added a whole bunch of useful/useless information about a player under their name and above. :slight_smile:
[+] - Added a whole new thing for enderchests!
[+] - Added a way to find your lost stuff! (Death co-ords)
[+] - Added some enderchests to spawn.

[-] - Removed Animated Tablist as is was lagging the server. :confused:

[!] - N/A

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Updated a whole lot more plugins.
[?] - Updated the entire framework of the server.
[?] - Updated spigot to be the latest version.
[?] - Changed up the whole feel and theme of the tablist to be more prettier? :stuck_out_tongue: