Changelog 0.0.200


Ah I finally made it to 200 honestly never thought it would take this long to get here since some of this wouldn’t have been possible with our new custom plugin which my hat goes off to MrMarshall on the discord for making us this sweet plugin, I’ll be definitely be going back to order some more custom goodies from him in the future. :slight_smile:

Anyhow the update, it’s a lot of new stuff and things that I haven’t even looked into properly yet like the mobs editing thing which is hands down the best one I found and well it’s not the only one we’ll be using for mobs. :slight_smile: Either way we have random treasures now and some other fun stuff in the server. Read on ahead and enjoy!

[+] - Added a new rank Adventurer is now in the server.
[+] - Added a new GUI for the Adventurer rank! (Only Rogues can use this)
[+] - Added a way to check pvp stats and streaks! (I haven’t added the perms for this so it might not work.)
[+] - Added a new reward to the vote crate!
[+] - Added a new crate to the server!
[+] - Added randomly spawned treasures around the world! (Udedin)
[+] - Added a custom mob, [Hunter] these have a 5% chance to spawn naturally, and then hold the key to finding the buried treasure, however they only have a 20% chance to drop this tool >:D (I’ll make a thread on this on the weekend)

[-] - N/A

[!] - N/A

[?] - Changed more language files.