Changelog 0.0.230


Well this actually took longer than I expected but I have been ill for the past few days which didn’t help. I also had to wait on the dev updating the plugin I was working on as there was a few bugs I encountered, if you also find any bugs with the new McRGP plugin let me know and I’ll message the author asap to let him know. :slight_smile:

Other than that I did want to add another plugin for the pets but I didn’t expect it to be a big one… Oh boy was I wrong, it may come in the next update along side jobs but who knows honestly. Either way I’ve been hard at work making changes and adding things so here is your changelog.

[+] - Added a new hologram for the new crate.
[+] - Added the block trample flag to be changeable for protection stones.
[+] - Added a McMMO like plugin. Enjoy. :wink: MCRPG!
[+] - Added another mob to the server, Decaying Zombie! Has a 1% chance to spawn in certain biomes I will add a thread for this soon.

[-] - Removed the pet plugin we were using. Stopped nametags from working.

[!] - Fixed some perms for rogue and default.
[!] - Fixed some enderchest errors, me being a dumb dumb basically.
[!] - Fixed weather vote theming.
[!] - Fixed some stuff with the mysteryhunt plugin.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed some plugins to be the latest version.
[?] - Changed the common treasures to spawn from 5k blocks from the center of the world instead of 100k. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON THIS!
[?] - Changed Hunters to have a lower chance of spawning being 2% instead of 5%.