Changelog 0.0.240


Okay this update adds a bunch of changes and balancing in a sense, this is due to me wanting to add more stuff but wanting to make the current stuff we have now more interesting and viable for players to actually get out there and look for these items and mobs etc.

Other than that I still need to add a lot more in the terms of rewards for some of the crates etc. I will be doing this relatively soon along with some more additions. So get prepared as I am almost back in full swing!

And your changelog is here:

[+] - Added mcrpg commands to the help command.
[+] - Added a new drop to the decaying zombie. (His weapon)
[+] - Added a whole lot more rewards to the common treasures.

[-] - Removed flat bedrock plugin and we no longer need it.

[!] - Fixed some gui theming with the mtp command.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed the warps to have unique items.
[?] - Changed the decaying zombie spawn chances from 1% to 5%.
[?] - Changed the decaying zombie key drop chance. Has a chance to drop 2 when using looting 3.
[?] - Changed item drops have been set back to the default 5 minutes before despawn.
[?] - Changed some values for zombie villagers hopefully they spawn a little more now?
[?] - Changed the foodie pack reward to give 2 instead of 1 in the vote crate.
[?] - Changed the min and max reward amounts for the common treasures from 2 min 5 max to 5 min 12 max.