Changelog 0.0.255


Small update changes again due to me still trying to wrap my head around these configs and also playing Borderlands 3, might take a little time before I’m back on my feet, however I needed this break from minecraft to allow me to see what it was that I wanted to continue doing with the server, so I’ll be taking more notes over the next few days about this.

Our custom plugin will hopefully be getting updated soon too so there will be more features for me to mess around with. :wink: Anyhow we do have a new UNCOMMON treasure so enjoy this to the fullest and find those treasures! I’ll be adding more when I return.

Let me know of any issues that arise from this update, I’ll be back soon. :smiley:

[+] - Added a tip to help people understand how to upgrade furnaces.
[+] - Added a bunch of new items to the common and uncommon treasures.
[+] - Added Travellers and above are now able to open the uncommon treasures.
[+] - Added a weapon for hunters.

[-] - N/A

[!] - Fixed uncommon treasures throwing errors because of me being a dumb dumb.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed hunters damage to be something a little stronger.
[?] - Changed the spawn delays on the different treasures to be a little longer.