Changelog 0.0.258


Another small yet needed update since there was a few things a certain few players were doing and there weren’t actually supposed to be doing. >:C Yes I’m looking at the spawn raiders! Anyhow it’s been fixed to were you can’t fly in spawn with elytras now. >:D

Other than that just a few small quality of life stuff for me personally, since there were a few tings I had looked over and didn’t think about properly. In the next update however we maybe getting something interesting, I’ve put the jobs on hold for now since it’s depleting my energy reserves but I’m looking into some other additions for the server. :wink:

Also the new version of our custom plugin may get added next update meaning I can do more with it! >:D

[+] - Added lores to the common tools.
[+] - Added bypasses for afk on certain ranks.
[+] - Added something that will help me later on in the server. (World Guard Stuff)

[-] - Removed flying in spawn with elytra.

[!] - Fixed the lore on the uncommon tools.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed some more plugins to be up to date.