Changelog 0.0.270


Okay this is kind of a bigger update since I have actually done a lot behind the scenes in the sense of foundation and setting up some systems in place that will make it nicer to use in the future. And I guess I’ll just let you know what we have now instead of before! MySQL is now the back bone for some of the plugins!

This is mainly due to me wanting to be able to have certain plugins maybe run on more than one server in the future, an example to this would be the banning plugin as it’s honestly the better ban plugin out there that lets me limit a lot of things per staff group. :slight_smile:

Other than that it’s just been a lot of grinding on the current plugins and fixes/updates. Plus being sick doesn’t help either so I apologize for this later update!

[+] - Added vaults, the ranks will be updated later. :slight_smile:
[+] - Added combat logging is finally back in the server!

[-] - N/A

[!] - N/A

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed some more plugins to be up to date yet again.
[?] - Changed spigot to be the latest version!