Changelog 0.0.280


With this update there’s a bunch of cooler backend stuff really, there’s only really one thing that actually being worked on and that others can use in game and on our discord server now too. :slight_smile:

With the discord syncing it means players can now link their accounts and get the respective roles that they have in game but also on the discord server! It also allows us to see in game chat via discord and if you’ve linked your accounts then you can type back via discord and see the chat in game. :smiley:

Either way there’s just a lot more polishing of things for example the staff stuff got setup properly and a temp ban for combatlogging since people were losing their items etc.

Here’s the log. :heart:

[+] - Added a new ban plugin that basically has the same features.
[+] - Added sync between the discord and minecraft roles/groups.
[+] - Added chat to discord and linked players!
[+] - Added a new help category, Discord!
[+] - Added in game chat to get printed out into a channel in the discord.
[+] - Added another way to see if players are priests or not.
[+] - Added a tip for marrying.

[-] - Removed the ban plugin as it was acting up for some reason.
[-] - Removed some un-needed permissions.

[!] - Fixed some permissions regarding the vaults. Thanks to Biko for pointing these out.
[!] - Fixed some stuff with the combatlog plugin. Thanks to TheEvilDot for pointing these out.
[!] - Fixed /help back to being use-able.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Updated some more plugins to be up to date yet again.
[?] - Changed players now get banned from the server for 15 minutes when they combat log.

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