Changelog 0.0.290


This update was coming for a while, sorry I’ve been taking some time to get this on the server and for the delays, I’ve been ill and not sure if I’m clear of the illness yet so I’ll find out soon for that. Other than that I was waiting on multiple things being the update for the custom plugin and the new world to pregen since it’s too laggy to use the generator by itself and allow chunks to just load.

I’m almost done with the pregen of the new world but I’m still waiting on it to be finished. I’m also looking into some Halloween stuff I can do as something special so stay tuned for that!

Other than that the new version of the custom plugin allows and offers more so I’m excited to actually mess around with it. :slight_smile:

Here’s the rest of the changelog.

[+] - Added a new vault size for Rogues.
[+] - Added new death messages! More to come in the future.
[+] - Added something that will warn you when your inventory is full!

[-] - N/A

[!] - Fixed the death message prefix.
[!] - Fixed some more rogue permissions.
[!] - Fixed an unwanted scoreboard showing up after the combat one.
[!] - Fixed entities not being able to be pushed around. (Updating spigot fixed this)
[!] - Fixed some more vault perms.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Updated the custom plugin to allow more feautres! Thanks Darwin for these additions.
[?] - Updated Spigot to be the latest version.
[?] - Updated a bunch more plugins to be up to date. :slight_smile: