Changelog 0.0.300


So the finally awaited update for the server is almost upon us, the next world should hopefully be in the server by tomorrow as I’m pre-generating the last of the world now! However that doesn’t mean this update is any less special. Since I’ve had a lot of free time recently I’ve been table to think about the treasures plugin and well I’ve been able to come up with some cool ideas I’ve been wanting to do.

Since the plugin got the updates and features I wanted it just means I get to put these into play, I’ve already thought about the next majority of these treasures and what worlds they will spawn in! This update also comes with one of those newer ones!

So from here on out there’s going to be a lot of new features I can add and treasures due to this. :slight_smile: I’ve been waiting a while on this honestly. And it’s finally here! So go and enjoy this changelog! I’ll be adding a thread for the different treasures soon too!

[+] - Added a new Food Parcel treasure to Udedin!
[+] - Added 6 new tiers of hunting tools!
[+] - Added cooldowns to the hunting tools!

[-] - Removed nametags from the Uncommon treasure.

[!] - Fixed the Hunter zombie to drop the new tier 1 hunting tool.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed the Hunter spawn chance to be 1% instead of 2%.
[?] - Changed one of the hovering name information to be about the mystery hunt points instead of the priest.
[?] - Changed the Uncommon treasure name to Ordinary.