Changelog 0.0.310


Okay so since the new world is in the server and I’m able to add things for different treasures now, I’ve got a long list of new treasures I can add and with an enchantment plugin in the server this is my time to actually get these out there and in the main server itself. I’ve been working on making these kind of balanced, well hopefully. I’m also running into the issue where I may need more staff members soon so I’ll be looking into that too soon maybe.

However for this update I focused more on polishing and treasures, so hopefully you’ll enjoy these.
Here you go:

[+] - Added the last and final world to the server! Xaelliarhia (I still need to setup other stuff for this and then it should work. :))
[+] - Added a new treasure called Food Parcel II! (Only spawns in Hoziadran)
[+] - Added a new treasure called Food Parcel III! (Only spawns in Xaelliarhia)
[+] - Added a few more rewards to the Food Parcel I’s rewards.

[-] - N/A

[!] - Fixed the spawn time for the treasures to be longer so hopefully this stops treasures spawning over each other.
[!] - Fixed the treasure names to have capitals at the beginning.

[?] - Changed more language files.
[?] - Changed some of the Food Parcel I’s rewards.