Changelog 0.0.320


Since the other plugins that added Halloween mobs I had to make my own due to people complaining about the plugins mobs killing people in 1 shot even with armour etc. So I had to remove them and make my own. Other than that I added the new Halloween season drops, being a key and tokens.

These items will be used later on in the future! Other than that I have a lot more work to do via worlds, ranks and crates/treasures. I’ll be adding things that will also make certain things more worth while!

[+] - Added 4 new mobs that will drop some special custom items for the Halloween season!
[+] - Added a Halloween key that will drop via the new mobs! (You can’t use these currently!)
[+] - Added special tokens that will drop via the new mobs!

[-] - Removed the Halloween plugins as they were breaking skeletons for some reason to one shot players.

[!] - Fixed, hopefully the spawning of custom mobs etc. I will be changing to a better method for this hopefully in the future!

[?] - Changed more language files.