Feature Suggestions

Here the community can suggest things for the Minecraft server, from plugins to small additions and changes to the server. This will hopefully allow us to make the play time on the server for you all a lot more fun and easier to navigate etc.

Use the template below since it’s cleaner that way along with more organised and allows for you to input the necessary things into the feature suggestion request that you’d need. It also helps us to understand and go through these better with a bit of structure.


Name of Requester:

IGN (In game name) of Requester:

Feature Request type (Change/Addition/Removal/Fix/Idea):

What would you like this feature to do?
I would like this feature to change the way players get money.

How should we do this?
Allow users to get money by killing mobs on the server.

Why should we do this?
So then players can easily acquire money to spend in game on items.

Demonstration (Video/Images):