[MLA] Arrows



As of update 0.0.315 the server was given a bunch of new arrow types from explosive arrows to teleportation arrows and torch arrows. The reason for this is so that it would add some more content to the server along with a little bit more fun whilst doing PVP or PVE, not just that, you also get to light up an area from far away with the torch arrow etc.

It just adds a little bit more for the users to have a go at and play with making the experience a little more interesting compared to Vanilla gameplay or other server. :slight_smile:

Anyhow the reason I’m making this thread is so that I can show off the new arrows, how they work and how you can get these arrows. For the drops and recipes I will be redirecting you to some other handy threads on the forum since there are already some threads setup with custom recipes and drops in mind. Either way enjoy the addition. :smiley: