MLA Minecraft Server

Welcome to the part of the forums for the Minecraft server of MLA, there are specific sub categories for different things make sure you’re creating your topic in the correct category. If topics are in the wrong categories they will either be moved or deleted.

If you’re wanting to create a general topic for the server and it doesn’t fit inside anywhere else of the sub categories then make it in the main category as this is the general/uncategorized category for the MLA Minecraft server.

So things from seeing random Minecraft updates or random Minecraft questions you can ask them here. Just make sure that the questions you’re asking are not for the Support category. For instance if there is a question you have about the server specifically like how to get out of spawn then it would go in the support category and not this one.

Be sure not to post out of context stuff in this section of the forums.

Category Rules:

  • Keep Trash talking to a minimum. Aka no taking things too far.
  • No Sexual/Explicit content.
  • No doxxing. This will get you removed from the server and forums instantly.
  • No selling of in game items on here. (You can trade but no real life money)
  • No selling of other items on here.
  • No advertising of other servers or communities. (Unless used as reference for feature suggestions)
  • No threats to other users.
  • Just be respectful and you can have a little fun just don’t take things too far.
  • Don’t peer pressure people into something.
  • Make sure that you keep yourself safe on the forums and the server.
  • If you notice something fishy or someone is harassing you please report it and contact staff.
  • If staff are harassing you please report it to Bloodshot_pico either on the forums or on discord Bloodshot_pico#2222