[MLA] Rules


General Rules

These rules apply everywhere within the MLA community, that being on our gaming servers to our Discord etc.

  1. Do not harass players to the point where they do not feel comfortable playing on the server. - If someone is acting up on you every so often it’s not really harassment but you are more than welcome to ignore that user using /ingore [playername] and to stop their direct messages us the command /togglepm [playername]. If the user is somehow bypassing the /ignore and /togglepm, by the means of other forms of communication then this is harassment.

  2. No Spamming - If you’re going to spam the server then just don’t there is no need to, the chat plugin I am using is already watching and logging you. So even if you try to spam you’ll be stopped.

  3. No Advertising - Again same as above, there is no reason to do this and even if you do, you will be warned and your message won’t go through so don’t even try it. And if you somehow do get it through you will be given a warning. (Read here for the warnings)

  4. No Constant Cursing - Cursing and etc. is fine on the server but if you get over the top then someone with have to step in and either give you a warning or you’ll have to calm yourself down. But if you are doing it to be a nuisance then you will be warned.

  5. No Trolling/Flaming - You can do this to an extent. If the trolling and flaming get’s to a point where it is abusive and really hitting/hurting the persons feeling then ignore them and block them. Also tell a staff member so we can put them on our watch list.

  6. No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items - This one should be a no brainer, there is no way to why anyone should be asking for this kind of stuff on the server unless you’re with friends or talking to the community but do not ask for ranks, staff etc. If you keep begging you will be ignored and at worse given a warning point or removed.

  7. Respect all Players - Just be thoughtful of who plays on the server, yes there might be people who can take your hurtful comments more than others but if someone doesn’t like what you say then please respect that. If you are offended by something then tell a staff member and ignore the other user if they’re too much for you. Try to make the server an enjoyable place for everyone who wants to be there.

  8. Listen To Staff/Don’t Abuse Staff - Staff have the final say in things, especially me since this is my community and my project, but yes staff have final say after checking with other staff members etc. If there is something wrong with staff then please report it rather than abusing them, also do not just abuse our staff they’re not here to have a bad time they’re here to help. Just be careful in what you say and do.

  9. No Racist or Sexist Remarks - This one should be easy to understand, there are people who can take this kind of stuff and others who cannot. If you have somewhere to do it then go there do not do it on the server, we will not tolerate this kind of behavior. We allow anyone to play no matter their sex, gender, race and ethnicity.

  10. No Full Caps Messages - This one ties in with spamming, if you try to spam characters you will be warned by our chat plugin so just don’t do it and if you think you can get around ti by annoying others then staff will deal with you themselves.

  11. No Builds Near Spawn - This one is a normal for most servers, try and keep the area near spawn clean and free from builds, if there are builds that are too close we will remove them after giving a message about it the removal, after 3 days and nothing has been done about it we will remove that build.

  12. Do Not Doxx Anyone - Okay so this is a big one, doxxing is basically giving out real life/personal information that you have not been given to give out about someone. If the information you have given about another community member is already public and they’re fine with it then we will not do anything. However if they didn’t not give you permission we will full right ban your accounts from our servers along with IP ban you. Just don’t say something that could be harmful to the other person. If you have been doxxed message me right away with evidence and I’ll remove the user personally.

In Game Rules

These rules apply within game. These can be things from afk leveling to abusing exploits etc.

Not Allowed

  1. AFK Machines - These can be things from AFK fishers to the little water pools that push you around to keep you afk. If you are found out using these you will be warned/kicked and you will be put on our watching list.

  2. Auto Clickers - These are forbidden, if you are using these then you will be warned as these count you as being online and cheeses the rank up system. (Sorry Biko I had to think about this.)

  3. Abusing Exploits - Abusing exploits is a server’s down fall honestly so if you’re caught abusing them you’ll be removed from the community for good. Also if others want to report others exploiting they will be rewarded. If you found the exploit by accident then tell a staff member and you will be rewarded, but if you abuse it you’ll be punished.

In Game Mod Rules

These rules apply within game. These can be things like using denied mods to using cheats.


  1. Optifine - You’re allowed to use optifine as I use this myself and it helps with performance. So I don’t mind this one as a lot of people it already.

  2. Minimaps ( Don’t show mobs and players) - These are okay but they’re still a grey area for me honestly, like they’re okay and all but I’m not sure since they seem kind of cheaty. But as long as they don’t show mobs or players you’re fine.

  3. HUD Improvements - Stuff like being able to see how many arrows you have leftor blocks of that type etc. Also being able to see your armour on the side somewhere and the position you’re facing etc. I am fine with these on the server.

Not Allowed

  1. X-Ray - This is strictly not allowed, it makes the game less fun in both parties, there is no need for this at all.

  2. Minimaps (Show mobs and players) - These are forbidden, if you have a minimap that shows you the locations of mobs and players these are not allowed at all!

  3. Hacked clients - These should be an obvious no, if you are caught cheating with one of these you are either getting a warning point or straight up banned. There is no need for you to use these.

  4. Kill Aura/Reach - Kill Aura is one of the oldest cheats out there and honestly the newer versions make it harder to use but that still doesn’t mean you won’t be banned for using it. You will also get banned for extended reach!