Player Reports


Use this part of the forum to report other players if you have caught them cheating and or exploiting parts of the server, people who have been found out to be cheating and or exploiting will be dealt with and the reporter will be rewarded.

There will be a template for reporters to use, make sure you read everything properly and fill out as much of the template as you can so that we can ensure we have all the information in place to make our final judgement.

If you help us by telling how the exploiters exploited then we will give the reporters another reward depending on bad the exploit is.


Name of Reporter (Forum):

IGN (In game name) of reporter:

Name of reported (Forum if they have an account):

IGN of repoted:

Reasoning of Report:
I caught them cheating and exploiting the server. (Try be more informative than this, as it’s just and example)

More proof: