[Rank] Bandit


Okay you’re making your way closer to the next world, you’re almost there. I know it’s been grindy however it doesn’t stop there sadly, the next rank you’re aiming for is a little worse than the one you just completed to get this rank.

The next rank after this is called Rogue which is one of the harder ranks on the server to complete. Have fun. :slight_smile:

These commands will be updated when I can spare the time with the updates etc.

Useful Commands

Sorry check back later when I add more to this. :frowning:


  • 3 Homes.
  • Can Random Teleport up to 2000 blocks out.
  • Will randomly teleport into any biome.
  • Can only TP between Udedin, Mubis and Ineortia.
  • Can only Random Teleport in Udedin.
  • 3 Auctions allowed.
  • Can open Uncommon Treasures! Click here to see the rewards!


Water Features
  • Shoot fish in the water with a trident to fish using a spear!
  • Pickup items in a radius around a boat when rowing!
  • Get a speed boost in the water when holding a heart of the sea in your inventory!
  • Right click in the water with an ink sack to disperse some ink particles!