[Rank] Peasant


Peasant is the very first rank that everyone is given and is the main default rank that is the foundation from where I can pull a lot of the basic permissions for groups from. So think of this as the starting point basically. From here you can do a lot of things which I will list down below for users to look over and gander at.

But from here you go from Peasant to Traveler, and then you can go and continue working your way up the ranks. :slight_smile:

These commands will be updated when I can spare the time with the updates etc.

Protection Stones

/ps help - Shows commands you can use regarding the stones.
/ps info [members/owners/flags] - Gives info on the protection stone, only owners and members of the protection stone can do this.
/ps add/remove [playername] - Allows you to add or remove people to or from your protection stone, you need to do this per stone!
/ps addowner/removeowner [playername] - Allows you to add or remove owners to or from your protection stone, you need to do this per stone!
/ps count [playername] (Optional) - Allows you to see the number of regions you or another players.
/ps list - Allows you to list all your current protection regions.
/ps name [name/none] - Allows you to set a nickname for the region block.
/ps setparent [region/none] - Use this command to allow this region to inherit properties from another region (owners, members, flags, etc.)
/ps flag [flagname] [value/null/default] - Allows you to set and change the default tags for your region.
/ps view - Allows you to see the border of your region. Go here to the bottom it shows you how it works.

Useful Commands

/playtime [playername (Optional)] - Allows you to see how long you’ve played on the server, or another player.
/bal or /balance [playername (Optional)] - Allows you to see how much balance you have currently or another player.
/ar check [playername] [pathname] - Allows you to see how much progress you’ve made on your rank up. (Example: “/ar check Thargha The Beginning!”)
/statz help - Allows you to see the commands for the your stats.
/statz list - Allows you to see your own stats. (For rank ups use this playtime!)
/compass - Tells you your bearings!
/exp - Tells you how much exp you have and how much you need to level up.
/position - Tells you your position.
/mail - Shows you all the stuff you need to know about mailing someone.
/msg [playername] [message] - Allows you to privately message another player.
/pay [playername] [amount] - Allows you to pay another user.
/payconfirm - Makes it so that you have to confirm payments. Turns it on and off.
/realname [nickname] - Allows you to see a users real name if they have a nickname set.
/rules - Shows you all the rules.
/seen [playername] - Shows you when the player was last seen online.
/serveruptime - Allows you to see the servers up time.
%item[slotnumber]% - Shows the item in that slot to chat, including it’s name, lore, and enchantments. (Examples: %item0%, %item21%, etc)
/showslot [slotnumber] [playername] - Shows the item in that slot to a specific player.
/showslot [slotnumber] - Shows that slot item in a radius of 50.
/showslot [slotnumber] [-r] [radius] - Shows that slot item in a custom radius.
/showslot [-w] - Shows that slot item in your world.
/afk - Toggles AFK on and off.
/help - Shows all these commands in game with the right categories.

Time & Weather Voting

/tv - Allows you to open the Time Vote GUI to vote.
/tv day - Allows the user to vote for day.
/tv night - Allows the user to vote for night.
/wv - Allows you to open the Weather Vote GUI to vote.
/wv sun - Allows the user to vote for sun.
/wv rain - Allows the user to vote for rain.


/tp - Allows you to see the commands for the teleportation. :wink:
/mtp - Opens up the Teleport menu.
/rtp - Opens up the Random Teleport menu.
/warp - Opens up the Warp Menu.
/pwarp - Opens up the PWarp Menu.
/sethome [homename] - Allows you to set home at this location.
/tpa [playername] - Sends a tp request to that player.
/tpyes - Accepts the request from the teleport requester.
/tpno - Denies the request from the teleport requester.
/tpahere [playername] - Sends a tphere request to that player. Meaning you’re requesting them to be teleported to your location.
/spawn - Allows you to teleport back to the spawn, being the hub world.

Trade Commands

/trade [playername] - Sends a trade request to the player.
/trade [playername] - Accepts the trade request from the other player.
/trade deny - Denies a trade request from the requester.

Auction Commands

/auc - Opens up the auction GUI.
/auc bid [auction ID] [amount] - Bids on that specific auction ID item.
/auc start - Starts an auction with the item in hand by opening the start auction GUI.
/bid [auction ID] [amount] - Bids on the specific auction ID item.

Vote Commands

/vote - Displays the vote commands in chat.
/vote info - Displays your voting stats.
/vote leaderboard - Opens a leader board GUI for voting stats.

Marriage Commands

/marry list - Shows all the people who are married and their partners.
/marry pvp - Allows you to turn on and off pvp between you and your partner.
/marry home - Allows you to teleport to your married home.
/marry sethome - Allows you to set your married home.
/marry delhome - Allows you to delete your married home.
/marry gift - Allows you to gift your partner your held item.
/marry kiss - Allows you to kiss your partner.
/marry hug - Allows you to hug your partner.
/marry accept - Allows you to accept and deny proposals.

McRPG Commands

/mcrpg - Opens the McRPG menu!
/mcdisplay {Skillname} - Allows display the skills XP for a longer amount of time.
/mcdisplay clear - Allows clears the display so you can see the other skills XP.
/mcredeem {Skillname} - Opens the GUI to redeem the XP you have collected!

Discord Commands

/discord - Shows the discord invite link and some useful info.
/discord ? - Shows useful commands regarding discord.
/discord link - Generates a code to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account.
/discord linked - Checks what Discord user your (or someone else’s) MC account is linked to.


  • 1 Home.
  • 25 x 39x39 protection stones. (In Udedin and Mubis)
  • Can Random Teleport up to 1000 blocks out.
  • Will randomly teleport into any biome.
  • Can only TP between Udedin, Mubis and Ineortia.
  • Can only Random Teleport in Udedin.
  • 2 Items up for auction.
  • Can open Common Treasures!
  • Enderchest size of 9 slots.


Show Item Actions
  • Middle click any item in your inventory to see the list of commands to show off your item!
  • Punch a furnace to see it’s level, progress and upgrades!
  • Right click a beacon to see all of it’s new upgrades!