[Rank] Rogue


Well I may apologize for making Rogue kind of somewhat annoying to crawl yourself up to but honestly the ranks are only going to get worse from here, and that’s what I’d want. I don’t want the server to be too easy to just shoot up to the last rank within a month or so. Also this is the 4th rank on the server. :wink:

Either way this rank grants you access to Hoziadran! Go and check out the world stuff here!

After this rank is the rank called Adventurer, good look with your progress!

These commands will be updated when I can spare the time with the updates etc.

Useful Commands

This will be updated in the future!


  • 4 Homes.
  • 35 x 39x39 protection stones. (In Udedin, Mubis, Hoziadran and Ruhala)
  • 10 x 75x75 protection stones. (In Hoziadran and Ruhala)
  • Can Random Teleport up to 5000 blocks out. (In both Udedin and Hoziadran)
  • Will randomly teleport into any biome.
  • Can only TP between Udedin, Mubis, Ineortia, Hoziadran, Ruhala and Vulara.
  • Can only Random Teleport in Udedin.
  • 4 Auctions allowed.
  • 1 Vault with 18 slots.


  • Hold any hoe in your hand and right click some crops! You can only do this to; Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes and Beets.