[Rank] Traveller


So you finally reached Traveler! Well done, congrats on your rankup, you only have another 7 more ranks to go. I’m sure you can make it! As this is the first auto rank in the system it doesn’t really add too much as there will be more in the future. Anyhow I did want this to give some more things to do so look on through this and enjoy!

From this rank you continue onto Bandit which is the third rank on the server!

These commands will be updated when I can spare the time with the updates etc.

Useful Commands

/ll - Shows the user the lightlevel in a small radius with particles.
/emojichat help - Shows the commands you can use for emojichat!
/emojichat toggle - Toggles the short cuts for the emojis.
/emojichat list - Opens a gui with a bunch of paper showing the different emojis.


  • 2 Homes.
  • Can Random Teleport up to 2000 blocks out.
  • Will randomly teleport into any biome.
  • Can only TP between Udedin, Mubis and Ineortia.
  • Can only Random Teleport in Udedin.
  • 3 Auctions allowed.
  • Can open Uncommon Treasures!
  • 1 Vault with 9 slots.


  • Hold any hoe in your hand and right click some crops! You can only do this to; Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes and Beets.