Release Time!


Finally the official first release of the server! I’ve been working pretty hard to get this update out for a little while now with working on the forums and making sure things are in place. Of course I need to polish a few little things like chat messages and colours. All that jazz.

So with the release of the server I’ve put it on one of the voting sites which is linked here:
There you can currently vote for the server to allow new members to join the community and get stuck in early on. However as of right now there will be no rewards given out as it’s still early.

Features So Far

Okay so, so far what I’ve currently been able to do is get the server to a point where I think it’s basically playable. In the sense of having base claims, teleporting to friends, a world to play in and all that fun stuff. As of right now most of the things to be accessed on the server are by Management. But that doesn’t mean I skipped out on some good things. :wink: Take a look instead of reading:



This is not all though. You can change certain things within the teleporting menu and make it custom to your own tastes for example you can buy different item icons for each home you have set. Along with being able to choose different biomes in RTP (Not available currently but will be soon!)

Base Protection

And last but not least the base protection, you spawn with a kit that gives you two of these already so make sure you don’t lose them, even if you do they’re not that hard to make. As show here:

The recipe makes two at a time but currently the only rank in game is allowed to place 6 max this will get higher later on in game along with bigger claims. As you can see it’s 21x21 claim size but it does claim from bedrock to sky height meaning within that 21x21 chunk everything from build height to bedrock is completely safe within that radius. (I’ll add that to the tool tip after writing this. :pico_thumb:)

Well that’s all I have to say so make sure to keep an eye out on the Changelogs in case I release something that isn’t really too big. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for reading.